Softpaw, the fae kitty of roses and columbine (softpaw) wrote in beauty_beast,
Softpaw, the fae kitty of roses and columbine

Photos are out! PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!!

I am not the keenest on Belles Gold gown, but the rest is perfect. LOVE Beast! Getting this tomorrows, or when ever it comes out

I uploaded the photos and put them behind a cut for those that don't want a spoiler.

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The gown does look nicer on the EW cover, but tbh ... I was expecting something much more glamorous. I think what's really throwing me off is how plain/basic her hair and makeup looks. Cinderella's ballroom look was STUNNING and I had high expectations for Belle/BatB as well. I don't know ... I'm hoping I will love the dress after seeing the actual movie, but atm I'm a bit underwhelmed. :/

However, I do like the rest of the pictures and costume designs! Belle's peasant dress is great and Gaston looks exactly as I hoped he would. The Beast's design looks better in these pics (though, I think I prefer the more lion-like version we saw in La Belle et La Bete 2014).

I can't wait to see this next trailer! I hear it's suppose to come out along with Moana. :D